"Hutten"/Mahmoud Jaber got 131 of the 520 votes and is thereby the model for the figurehead of Fridhem. Here are some of the motivations from the voting:

–He's a true team player. –He shows us all that there's a future to fight for and inspires us to move on, even when it's hard. –Hutten, the man who steals the wind out of every wheel. –It's pure feeling. –Hutten, the ultimate model for a statue; the guy is spreading so much joy and would add splendour to Fridhem. –The picture is very beautiful, the dove symbolizes peace and that's what I hope for. –For his head wind and his fair wind, for traveling over the seas. He's worthy of a statue. –He's the best in the world, our Hutt. –Because he's kind. –Hutten, all doves love you. –Mahmoud walked into Sweden with a big heart and joy and turned everything around in a wonderful way.

Hutten's presentation
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